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Song of a Space Cadet (#SOASC)

(ABOVE PHOTO: promotional flyer for Artscape festival show featuring the debut of Songs of a Space Cadet in July 2016)

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Liner Notes

Song of a Space Cadet (#SOASC) is Khadijah Moon's debut CD released July 2016 by Chez Soleil Music.

All rights reserved. 

All lyrics and arrangements are by Khadijah Ali-Coleman.

All instruments played, programming and music composed by Ben B. Dawson, Jr. except bass on "Unbound" by William "Spider" Henderson

All vocal performance by Khadijah Moon

Track 1-Manic Ride

Track 2-Wake

Track 3-Unbound

Track 4-Un Brilliant Brilliant

Track 5-Hunger

Track 6-Be Who You Are

Track 7: Light of Life

Track 8: Free Falling

Track 9: Pray/Believe

Track 10: Far Gone

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Khadijah Moon:

Thank you to Ben Dawson, Jr. for helping me develop each idea into a full-fledged song. It's been a life-changing experience working with you for the past 15 years. Words can't convey how meaningful you are to me.

Thank you to Will Henderson for laying down the bass on "Unbound" and for being a great artist to work with in general. Thank you to Quinton Randall, although not featured on the CD, you accompanied on quite a few shows to perform "Unbound" and you helped me share it with the world. Thank you.

Thank you to the FAWM online community that provided the inspiration to try and write a song each day in the month of February of 2016. Three songs I created during that period-- "Be Who You Are" "Wake and "Pray/Believe" found their way onto the album.

Thank you to Center for Spiritual Living-DC for being a safe space to share my music since 2013. I wrote many songs as a result of being booked by the center as an artist-in-residence and one of the songs, "Light of Life" found their way on the album. Special thanks to Angela Shaw for first booking me for the center and Rev. Alex Escudero for continuing to book me in the years following. I would also like to thank Mary at CSL for holding me accountable to get my CD out to share with her and the world. I appreciate you Mary for always asking me where my CD was and for giving me love and support after each performance at CSL! Much love!

Thank you to the DJs, radio hosts, music writers, bloggers and tastemakers who shared my music and when they were baby singles before they made their way onto a full-fledged CD. Special thank you to Tariiq Omari Walton, Shani Elliot-Atkinson and Mellow Music, DJ Funknatra, SoulCity Radio, J. Anders Thueson, Maura Abadji-- the Moxie Bee, Cafecito, Richard Glover  & Keilah Bowling-Jackson and the team of the show The Cellar, Brian Christopher of The Blend, WPFW 89.3 FM, Kevin Sabio, Sydney Thomas and  Godfrey Fletcher.

Thank you to my dear and precious artist community Liberated Muse Arts Group and our extended members who have provided so much support in way of coming out to shows and collaborating with me on numerous projects. Your love and support continues to help me blossom as an artist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Colie, Lyn, Anonamas, Heather, Angie and Lori! I love my sister artists!

Thank you to Randi Vega and the Baltimore Promotions Team that booked me for the 2016 Artscape festival where I debuted songs from the CD in a one-woman show called "Song of a Space Cadet". The experience was life-changing for me. Thank you to the band who performed with me-- The Bangladesh Project, and all of the wonderful people I knew and those who I didn't who shared the experience with me and came out to the show.

Thank you to all of the beautiful people who have supported me on this musical journey by buying my music, coming out to shows, booking me for shows and just sharing general support: Jocelyn Alexander, William Honablew, Jr. Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Kyna Clemons, James O'Donnell, Karen Bushrod Minors, Maurita Dangerfield-Harris, Malauna Steele, Rashida Williams, Valerie Lewis, Tanisha Nixon, Candance Montague,  DL Watson, Oba Harris, Amy Conley, Delonte Briggs, Busboys and Poets, and Jennah Bates.  


I dedicate this project in part to my daughter Khari Isabel. You are the muse behind the song "Un Brilliant Brilliant" and the inspiration to keep me following my goals. I want you to see that it is never too late to try anything. Love you baby girl!

I dedicate the song "Hunger" in memory to my dearly departed mother Karen Holt-Williams. Wish we had more time to resolve things. Love you with all my heart. Miss you every day.

I dedicate the song "Unbound" to my dearly departed friend Derrick "D. Marq" Smith. Man, you are missed, brother. Thank you for being my friend.

I dedicate the song "Light of Life" to my grandfather Calvin Henry Holt. When the lyrics came to me, it was as if you were channeling them to me. I am so grateful I got to be loved by you, Papa.

I dedicate the song "Be Who You Are" to all of the  people in the world today who are challenged to live an authentic life. I want you to believe that you are perfect as you are.

Thank you for listening to my music.